VEC / PEREZMORALES presents a multi-character project design and construction firm. Our firm’s focus on protecting our clients interests and producing emblematic timeless developments has allowed us to obtain almost 40 years collective experience. We have cemented ourselves among the leaders of the design & development landscape in the Dominican Republic.



Arq. Pérez Morales Asocs. S. L. R. was originally founded 1980.

Dedicated to the design, construction and supervision to the projects that helped push the country into a global competitor. With more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, and more than 250 projects created from a diverse typology, including and not limited to: luxury apartments, hotels, commercial buildings, residences, governmental and private institutions. In 2017 it has consolidated itself with V.E.C. SRL to lead the next generation of rural and urban planing and development.

  • Founded: Arquitécto Perez Morales Asoc., S.L.R.

    Arq. Pérez Morales Asocs. S. L. R. was founded in 1980. Dedicated to the design, construction & consulting on all types of projects. The company has gone gather over 30 years of experience national and international construction industry; with over 250 projects made from the most diverse typology, raning from large scale luxury apartments, hotels, commercial buildings, institutions and residences.

  • Founded: V.E.C., S.R.L.

    V.E.C. was founded to offer clients transparent Contract and Construction Solutions. With their focus client cost savings and the latest construction techniques and first-rate finishes. VEC went on to produce Iconic designs that have shaped the cityscape of Santo Domingo.

  • Merger

    Arq. Perez Morales & Asocs. & VEC Merger to form VEC-PerezMorales S.R.L. with the purpose to offer clients a one stop shop for their Develop-Design-Build Solutions.